The new AC/DC high voltage energy drink on sale now

Following the success of the AC/DC premium pils, Karlsberg is presenting the AC/DC energy drink in a slim 0.25-litre can.

German beer meets Australian hard rock! The AC/DC premium pils produced by the Karlsberg brewery has been rocking with this slogan for more than a year – it is a must not only for true hard-rock fans but for all beer lovers. Now AC/DC can kick off with EXTRA ENERGY! The AC/DC high voltage energy drink gives hard rock fans extra power for rocking out, with the natural caffeine of the guarana plant.

The new AC/DC high voltage energy drink rocks: natural caffeine, taurine, dextrose and vitamins not only provide a refreshing taste, they also give hard-rock fans EXTRA ENERGY!

On the slimline 0.25-liter can, the red AC/DC lettering shines against a matt silver background and protrudes noticeably from the can surface – the cover of the High Voltage album completes the unmistakable design and makes it a real must-have for all AC/DC fans.

Let there be more rock!

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